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Tips for Planning a Direct Mailing Campaign in 2021

Direct mail marketing is a powerful, profitable way to generate revenue and grow your business. It has proven to be an effective form of marketing for years, and in our COVID world, it is the safest way to reach your current and potential clients.

1. Start with a Plan.

2. What does your business need out of this campaign?

  • Drive website traffic?

  • More phone calls?

  • More social media interactions?

  • Increased event registrations?

  • More walk-ins or store visits?

3. Establish a Target Audience. The success of your campaign will only be as good as your list. For example, a gym campaign will not want to be sent out to people living in nursing homes. Understand the demographics and buying behaviors of your target audience. US Bulk Mail is happy to assist in purchasing a list.

4. Budget your campaign. We strive to be cost-effective and assist our clients in taking advantage of all the postal discounts offered by the USPS. US Bulk Mail is happy to quote the printing, mailing and list acquisition if needed. Free quotes.

5. Timing and Frequency. Repetition is important in marketing. You will get more success out of your mailing campaign by mailing 3 rounds of 1,000 to the same group rather than 3,000 all at once. You can mail weekly, monthly, quarterly.....

6. Implementation. US Bulk Mail will assist with designing and printing your mailer, building the right target audience, and securing the best postage rates, if needed.

Call/Email Karie or Connie at US Bulk Mail

(301) 798-5042

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