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Audience and Content of Message- Which is Most Important and Most Successful?

Q: Is the audience or the content of the message more important in your mailer?

A: The audience and the list you choose is EVERYTHING.

The right list is significantly more important and will make your mailer more successful than whatever you put in the envelope or on the postcard.

Q: How do I know my list is the best it can be?

A: The short and simple answer to this is: lists of responders. Age, presence of children, home value, income, zip code – all these things are important, but what makes your list the most successful is asking "Does this person have a history of purchasing things through the mail similar to what I am offering?”

To get the best ROl in your direct marketing mailer, you really want to get a list of responders – most importantly, responders to offers similar to yours! Such lists are not easy to come by. Your competitors are unlikely to rent you their list – and their list is just what you want. So here are some tips to help you get the best list possible!

Q: What are some ways to find this list?

A: Sometimes the list you are looking for is right in under your nose. A great acquisition can easily come from word of mouth – from your current customers. Find a way to get your current customers to recommend you to their friends, family and relatives. A list of customer’s contacts is just as great as proven outside responders. However, both are better than people whom you have no response history data at all.

Q: Besides current responders to direct marketing, who else can I add to my list?

A: After responders, your best lists can be found in people who are undergoing a change of life. For example, people who have just moved to the area. New movers are going to need new furniture, drapes, carpet, paint, a new bank, new restaurants to try, insurance for their home, their car, a doctor, a dentist, and shopping for new clothes for themselves and their children and SO much more. New mover lists are available in all areas. This target audience will need to be contacted quickly if you try this approach. Other examples of people who are undergoing change may be retirement or educational shifts such as going to high school or college. US Bulk Mail can help you purchase this kind of list.

List Acquisition Myths

1. Large lists are better than small lists.

False- Small and strategical lists will be more successful than a large, non-strategical list.

2. Good lists should not be mailed too often.

False- If lists are responding, it means that your offer makes people happy. Keep it up.

3. Customer files should never be rented.

False- Renting a list not only makes money, it improves the list.

Although you may find some lists that work for you with these tips, your homework is not over. Testing is always needed to be sure that you are doing the most profitable thing for your business or offer. The goal is to create customers, not one time buyers. Call US Bulk Mail to talk about putting a list together that is best for your ROI! (301) 798-5042.

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