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Taking the mail form the mailbox


Save on postage today!

Complimentary use of US Bulk Mail's indicia.

You only need 200 pieces of mail to take advantage of the postal discounts

  • CASS Certification

  • NCOA

  • Duplicates Deletion

  • Merge/Perge

  • EDDM Mailing

  • ​List Aquistion

  • Complimentary use of Indicia 

  • Mail Merge​

  • Folding & Inserting into # 10 envelope

  • ​Any custom mail job

Direct Mail is a very effective and affordable way to drive brand awareness, generate leads, and engage with new customers. Direct mail campaigns place your message in the best place possible- right in your customer’s hands. Direct mail can be anything from simple postcards and flyers to catalogs and multi-piece sales letter packages. Powerful branding that keeps your company on the top of the customer’s minds can be achieved through direct mail repetition.  

Karie Taylor inkjetting some postcards to mail presort standard.

Direct Mail

US Bulk Mail & Printing offers turnkey direct mail services to our clients. By preparing and delivering mail in accordance with the regulations of USPS, we can offer significant postage discount for you and your company. A quality list is a necessity for your direct mailing campaign to be successful, and we are happy to provide list acquisition services if needed. US Bulk Mail & Printing utilizes cutting edge software to CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) your list to qualify for the lowest postage rates. The CASS Certification process reduces the volume of return mail, improves deliverability, and speeds time of delivery.  

Integrate print marketing with your digital strategy for more robust campaigns that make an impact.

“Up to 90% of DIRECT MAIL gets opened, compared to 20-30% of emails.” (source: 

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