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Offset Printing vs Digital Printing

There are basically two different methods of printing Offset Printing and Digital Printing.

Offset Printing

The ink is not transferred directly onto the paper. This technology uses plates which transfer the image onto a “blanket” and then it’s applied to the paper.

The advantages of offset printing include

● Cost effective for large quantities

● Price per piece is reduced as the quantity increases

● Customized finishes are available on a large variety of papers

● Custom inks such as metallic and Pantone colors can be used.


Digital Printing

Digital printing uses toner rather than plates.

The advantages of digital printing include

● Best for smaller quantity jobs

● Price for short runs is lower

● Lower minimum quantities

● Can accommodate varied data

Both of these printing methods will give you a high quality professional

looking product that you can be proud of.

Feel free to give US Bulk Mail & Printing a call and we can direct you in which printing method is best for your project.

1105 East Patrick Street

Frederick, MD 21701


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