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Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) vs Target Mailing - Which is Best?

We are here to clear up any uncertainty about Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)! Is it more cost effective than targeted mailings? What are the results? US Bulk Mail is happy to assist your business in choosing wisely and get the most out of your direct marketing campaigns.

How are EDDM and Targeted Mailings different?

EDDM lands your mailing in every mailbox of a specific neighborhood in a certain postal route. With targeted mail, you must decide on a mailing list, so your mail piece will land in mailboxes of targeted addresses. US Bulk Mail assists with lists, if needed.

EDDM Can Help Local Businesses EDDM can absolutely be beneficial if your local business has a mass appeal. Since each direct mail piece is delivered to every door, the product you are selling must be attractive to everyone. For example, automotive shops, restaurants or fast-food chains, local gyms, grocery stores businesses can appeal to every household in the area.

US Bulk Mail supports EDDM services in-house which reduces the burden of the hand processing, saving you time and money.

EDDM is Guaranteed to Improve Your Direct Mail ROI

EDDM can certainly improve your direct mail ROI if your business is appealing to majority of the receiving people, but there are scenarios where targeted mailing will be more beneficial for your direct mailing’s ROI.

For example, if your business is a daycare launching an EDDM. It would be most beneficial to create a target mailing list of recipients that have children and earn incomes that can afford daycare. If you choose an EDDM and only 35% of the recipients have children and earn an income that can afford childcare, 65% of the mail would be sent to people that do not need your services.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that there are certain postal guidelines to preparing a mail piece for EDDM. Please ensure that your design and size has taken the guidelines in to account.

Give US Bulk Mail a call for some help in your next EDDM or mailing job.



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